Invitation to join a discussion on Post-automobility and Urban Mobility Futures

Dear Post-automobility Followers, 

The topic of post-automobility is gaining traction!  In light of this success, I take this opportunity to invite you to join a newly formed online working group that is evolving out of the post-automobility website. This working group is intended to expand discussion of the subjects aired here with functionality for more personal involvement in creating the future of urban mobility and in facilitating the gradual decline urban reliance on personal automobiles. 

This working group is based on recognition that wealthier OECD countries appear to be in early stages of shifting away from intensive dependence on private cars. The process of reapportioning parts of the existing surface transportation system is mostly evident in Paris, London, Copenhagen, New York, and San Francisco. Impelling this transition is a diverse array of factors including demographic aging, reurbanization, changing income dynamics, increasing operational costs, and diffusion of mobile communications.

The working group will provide a forum for integrating several different disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives comprising the field of urban mobility futures and the general notion of post-automobilty. Examples of some of these issues manifest in transportation planning and policy, urban design, public health, research on demographics and evolving lifestyle practices, environmental and resource management, and studies of social and cultural change. The aim here is to assemble colleagues with specific interest in systems-scale innovation rather than more narrowly focused improvements in vehicle technology (liquid biofuels, natural gas, hybridization, vehicle electrification, hydrogen-fuel cells).

The working group is sponsored by the Great Transition Initiative (a project of the Tellus Institute, a not-for-profit research and policy organization based in Boston) and will operate on a moderated basis so as to keep the number of postings to a manageable level (on the order of two or three per week). 

Acceptance of this invitation requires registering to be a participant in the working group on the GTI website ( This procedure will also enable you to receive a user name and password. Click on the text in the upper right-hand corner that says “GT Network Space.” From the drop-down menu, select the option “Join the Network” and fill in the two-screen form with your details. On the second screen you will find a box that asks “Why are you interested in joining the GT Network?” Please indicate your intent to participate in the working group on urban mobility futures.

In the event of any questions, feel free to contact me at In the meantime, best wishes for a less-car intensive new year!

Esthi Zipori


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