Bicycle-Friendly Streets: Design Standards (Planetizen Courses)

An interesting online lecture available online on how to design a bicycle friendly street. Can it really be done in six short session totaling at 34 minutes?


An online Course offered by Michelle DeRobertis

Bike Friendly Streets: Design Standards present examples of how cities across the United States, and indeed globally, are redesigning their streets to not only accommodate but encourage bicycling. From Road Diets that make room for bike lanes to total street redesigns, U.S. cities are stepping up to the challenge of providing a variety of options for the bicyclists in their communities. This course is taught by a traffic engineer for planners who want to learn how to properly build buffered bike lanes, cycle tracks and other appropriate bike infrastructure for a safer, more mixed-modal transit split.

Michelle DeRobertis, P.E., most recently served as Senior Transportation Planner and Bicycle Program Manager at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority where she has overseen the development of a number of local bikeway projects.

In This Course

  1. Introduction and Background History FREE
    3 minutes 54 seconds
  2. Where to start?
    5 minutes 39 seconds
  3. Bike Lanes
    6 minutes 50 seconds
  4. Cycle Tracks
    12 minutes 44 seconds
  5. Bike Boulevards FREE
    6 minutes 13 seconds
  6. Bike Paths
    3 minutes 50 seconds



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