Amsterdam and Bikes

This short-film on Amsterdam will BLOW YOUR MIND

Amsterdam bikes

Where bikes are like water to a fish

Here’s another great short film by our friend Clarence Eckerson. He already blew my mind with his recent film on Groningen in the Netherlands, and now he’s doing it again with one of the best videos on Amsterdam’s past and present bike culture that I’ve ever seen (and the others were probably made by Clarence too, so that says something).

Amsterdam is widely considered to be one of the very best cities for cyclists in the world. That didn’t happen by accident, and seeing images from a few decades ago when the city was choked with cars really brings the point home. The locals took some very specific steps to get to where they are today, something that many other cities around the world could learn from.

But enough from me. You have to check out this video. It provides some of the best images of what it’s like to actually live in a city where biking is not a sub-culture.



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