Environmentally Friendly Traffic Jams? (SustainableCitiesCollective)


Amsterdam is frequently cited as having the best bicycling infrastructure in the world. Photo by Ronel Reyes.

Traffic and congestion is a common sight during rush hours around the world. After battling through hours of traffic, the hunt for a good parking space can be just as tiring and difficult. These jams are worst in large urban centers where there is a heavy concentration of private cars. In Amsterdam, traffic jams and parking shortages are becoming a problem, even though car traffic hasn’t increased. That’s right. . . Amsterdam has bike jams.

Voted the world’s best city for biking, Amsterdam’s wild success encouraging citizens into one of the best modes of transport available has led to bike-traffic congestion during rush hour, and a serious shortage of bicycle parking spaces. The dearth of bike parking isn’t because the city hasn’t built infrastructure. In fact, its bicycle friendly infrastructure is what led so many of the city’s inhabitants to bike in the first place.

Read the rest at: http://sustainablecitiescollective.com/embarq/167786/environmentally-friendly-traffic-jams


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