No more Ridiculous Car Journeys in Malmo, Sweden

The City of Malmö is located in the south of Sweden, just across the bridge from Copenhagen. It’s Sweden’s third-largest city.

The City’s bicycle office and transport department are also quite brilliant at promoting cycling. In fact, I asked one of the communications people at the City of Copenhagen’s Bicycle Office a while back whothey were positively influenced by and he replied, “Malmö” without hestitation. Followed by the Dutch Fietsersbond. Which speaks volumes.

They have had a successful campaign running for four years now called “No Ridiculous Car Trips“. They discovered a few years back that 50% of all trips under 5 km were by car in the city and they decided to do something about it.

The campaign has been a massive success. In the film, above, you can hear all about how and why the campaign started. I like how they turn the tables in their marketing. Directing confronting that very simple fact that using cars for short trips in their city was – ridiculous.

They invited people to write down a description of their short car trip in the hopes of winning the Most Ridiculous Car Trip title – and a new bicycle of course.  Read more… and watch the video


One thought on “No more Ridiculous Car Journeys in Malmo, Sweden

  1. I thought the bicyclist on the billboard was amazing. Made me laugh when I saw it, but they are right. Small urban interventions like that will change people’s perspective and learn to appreciate things in different way. Not to mention, its totally weird to be peddling a bike 15 feet in the air so it will demand attention – great marketing strategy.

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