Sharing our roads: Cars, bikes and pedestrians radio show on Radio Time in Philadelphia

A one hour radio show at Radio Times (Philadelphia) from July 8th, 2013 titled:

Sharing our roads: Cars, bikes and pedestrians

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all get along better with one another on the roads? Whether you’re traveling by car, by bike or on foot, you’ll have brushed up against some bad behavior from fellow road-users. Perhaps you’ve indulged in some yourself, or even broken traffic laws – by cutting a red light, cycling on the sidewalk, or even shouting abuse at another driver or pedestrian. And it’s something we’re having to grapple with more and more. The Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia estimates that 36,000 commuters bike to work at least once a month, and the city has introduced another wave of bike lanes to its roads. We’ll speak to SARAH CLARK STUART, Policy Director at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, and STU BYKOFSKY, columnist at the Philadelphia Daily News, about how we can share our streets with more consideration and safety? And we’ll also find out how road use is changing from TOM VANDERBILT, author of the New York Times bestselling book TRAFFIC: Why We Drive The Way We Do and What It Says About Usand a visiting scholar at New York University’s Rudin Center. – Hear it here…




One thought on “Sharing our roads: Cars, bikes and pedestrians radio show on Radio Time in Philadelphia

  1. A buddy of mine was riding his bike to work in Hartford and was waiting at a red light, obeying all the traffic laws. When the light turned green, a beat up old car turned right in front of him, cutting him off and throwing him onto the hood of the driver’s car. I was astonished to hear that the car actually had the right of way in the situation – at least that’s what the cop said. When I was in Denmark, the relationship between driver and bicyclist is flipped the other way: the pedestrian or bicyclist will always have the right of way, no matter if there is a turn signal or not.

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