Who parked in my spot?!: Neighbors, cars, and “your” curb space

A great article regarding parking spots – some view it as a tool to promote a post-automobile world, where lack of parking will promote less car use. This article tells the story of the inner “wars” of residential parking.


This is part 3 of a Sightline series on parking requirements. Read parts 1, 2, and 4.

On the subject of curb parking, everyone seems to have a story — and what the stories reveal is surprisingly important to the future of our cities. I’ve been asking my friends, and I’ve gotten an earful. Listen.

1-Parking-mapSoon after advertising executive Necia Dallas moved into a house in Portland, Ore., she found on her door a detailed, hand-drawn map specifying the curb spots where each resident was permitted to park. The map, left by an anonymous neighbor, indicated that Necia was welcome to park in front of her own house but that it was, “Optional! Because of your driveway. ” Jon Stahl of Seattle also got a parking map as a house-warming gift (pictured above).

To claim the spots in front of their homes, people resort to illegal yellow…

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