Cities skylines and car sharing in LA

Not necessarily a direct car-free / transportation but this is a great set of videos that shows the development of skylines decade by decade of main US cities. One could consider it a short history of how we let the car take over out cities…

Watch the rise of major city skylines, decade by decade, in these 3D animations

Ever wondered when buildings in major cities became part of the skyline? Or how rapidly now-familiar skylines appeared? These video animations are an amazing glimpse at the growth of several major cities.

Gizmodo writes, “The 3D flyover renderings were created by a real-estate company called Cube Cities, out of Calgary. The company has made heavy use of Google Earth imagery to give their clients a better visual understanding of commercial properties within urban environments. These particular videos utilized construction data to show when buildings of major cities cropped up over time.” Watch here…



Here’s an article from the New York Times published this week in regards to car sharing in LA

Where Car Is King, Smartphones May Cut Traffic

LOS ANGELES — After last call on Sunset Boulevard, the fledgling subway network here is no help for bar hoppers headed home. Sobriety checkpoints loom for anyone planning to drive. So taxis line the curb at 2 a.m., waiting for passengers.

But now licensed cabdrivers in this city where the car remains king are facing their greatest competition in half a century, from new ride-sharing programs that use smartphone apps to connect drivers and passengers.

At the end of a night of drinking recently, rather than hailing a cab, Trisha DiFazio tapped an app called Lyft on her phone to summon a ride. Minutes later, a graduate student moonlighting as a driver pulled up in a Toyota S.U.V. with Lyft’s signature pink mustache affixed to its grille.

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and here’s an interesting concept i saw today, I couldn’t find any additional references (who made it or where)


check out ‘different solutions’ on Facebook for the original post.


3 thoughts on “Cities skylines and car sharing in LA

  1. Regarding the LA carsharing article: if these new services use drivers that aren’t already planning on driving the client’s route (or even at all), how is this saving any VMT?

    • I think both the author and the people involved have chosen to view ‘ride-sharing service’ much differently then it’s viewed in the sustainable world. For one they made it a business where in many other platforms its not and another there is no real ‘sharing’ involved. Maybe the use of a ‘buzz word’ such as ‘ride-share’ was used as an advertising tool? i would argue that the concept might have originated in a true car-sharing intention but ended as a way to make some extra money and not really save on anything else.

      • Maybe in the context that the article was discussing (getting home after closing time at bars), it might encourage people to take the subway to the bar if they know they have an inexpensive option for a ride home (after the subways stop operating)

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