Websites worth mentioning, electrical cars in the Netherlands and sustainable campuses

ABB to Build World’s Largest Network of Electric Vehicle Fast-Charging Stations in the Netherlands

ABB, a company that specializes in electric vehicle power solutions, recently announced plans to build the world’s largest nationwide network of EV fast-charging stations in the Netherlands. Working in collaboration with Dutch startup Fastned, ABB will install more than 200 stations along Dutch highways over the next 3 years. When completed, ABB claims that none of the country’s 16.7 million inhabitants will be more than 31 miles away from the nearest EV charging station. Read More…


also a great website to check your neighborhood “walk score” – – Funny fact, my neighborhood (Newark, NJ) scored 86! which i did not expect….. you might be surprised as well!

another great site to fallow is – check out the ‘Take Action’ section.


Sustainable Campuses: Universities Acting Locally and Educating Globally

One of the main concerns of urban planners nowadays is designing for a more sustainable environment. As planners, we commit to provide innovative ideas for sustainable urban design – but what about the others?

When it comes to these sustainability principles, universities play a strong role in educating the next generation. Can universities educate a lifestyle towards more sustainable behavior?

For Milan, Città Studi- Campus Sostenibile is the answer. How? By providing quality lifestyle transformation and environmental sustainability using different themes (People, Energy, Environment, and Accessibility), and connecting them at the city level. The project emerged from a collaborative work between Politecnico di Milano and University of Milan, and intends to transform the campus neighborhood into an area that can serve as an urban model for the entire city.

Read More…




also, check this link out to my current research project to be presented in the Center for Mobility in Lancaster,UK –


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