A Green Pilgrim to Jeruslam and Street Design

Here is an article from the Sustainable Cities Collective, regarding road audits, and the inequality of road design vs. use (specifically in India)

Public Transit: Road Safety Audits Matter

A road safety audit can help make sure that the most vulnerable users of the road, such as pedestrians, are kept safe. Photo by Mira on the wall.

When people think “road” they think “automobile.” Roads are most usually designed with cars in mind, and the most vulnerable users of the road – pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists – are often neglected. Currently, 70% of traffic fatalities world-wide involve vulnerable users of the road. When the needs of these vulnerable users are addressed, it is often in an ad-hock manner. Sometimes crosswalks or bike lanes are added after a road is built, which leads to crosswalks that are too long, or bike lanes that disappear every few blocks. In other instances, streets heavily crossed by pedestrians may still have a barrier in the median of the road, with no pedestrian crossings for several blocks. This forces pedestrians to jump over the divider as they cross, which can be extremely risky.

Road safety audits – inspections of road design with safety in mind – are an important tool for improving road safety, since they examine a project from the point of view of the road’s most vulnerable users. In developing countries like India, where the volume of pedestrian traffic is very high, it is even more important to perform these audits. Read More… http://sustainablecitiescollective.com/embarq/161556/road-safety-audits-matter

India-Pedestrians-3-Photo-by-Mira-on-the-wall——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————A project run by the city of Jerusalem, calling for a Green Pilgrim: a eco-friendly travel experience.




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