A new category added

The car-free map is steadily growing, and as i consider the categories and definitions of car-free spaces in the urban fabric a raising fabric made it self known – the slums. Slums are defined as a “heavily populated urban area characterized by substandard housing and squalor” you will also find it to be defined as “impoverished area…” or “to endure conditions or accommodations that are worse than what one is accustomed to”.

It is overpopulation that is associated with urban decay, poverty, unemployment, crime and drugs. They also live without a car. Not all slums are being added to the map, only areas that do not allow the passage of cars.

Maybe these places present an opportunity of re-purposing and re-designing the urban fabric to improve the lives of those who dwell there, while maintaining the lack of car in the urban fabric?

*Slums will be marked in Yellow


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