Public spaces without cars and the adaptive reuse of automobile infrastructure

I’m an Architectural student at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) currently working on a research project to identify Public spaces without cars and the adaptive reuse of automobile infrastructure. 

As i start my research into the world of post-automobile i began with identifying purposeful and/or inadvertent car-free spaces. I’m looking at spaces without cars at several levels including Freiburg, Venice,   and Disney World as well as closed downtown areas, car-free days, and other temporary ‘non-car’ spaces such as the Touse de France,  different parades & street markets, and neighborhoods that are shut off to automobile traffic for religious reasons.  I have also looked at temporary re-purpose projects such as the Paris Plage (the temporary beach in Paris) and the Parasitic city in Italy (a design offer to reuse an abounded bridge) .

This is a work in progress, any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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